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  • Emma Dalenberg

11.8.21 - The Bee's Knees

365 days of free writing for 30 minutes, Day 2...technically only 2 minutes of writing here but I worked on a paper for 6 hours today

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian went on a date in Staaten Island.

My head feels like a block of cheese.

I bought coffee today from a barista named Brian.

Isn't that, the bee's knees.

...the bee's knees. That's a silly term. Where does it come from? I'm going to google it.

"what does the bee's knees mean"

"The phrase was first recorded in the late 18th century, when it was used to mean 'something very small and insignificant'. Its current meaning dates from the 1920s, at which time a whole collection of American slang expressions were coined with the meaning 'an outstanding person or thing'. Examples included the flea's eyebrows, the canary's tusks, and one that still survives – the cat's whiskers. The switch in meaning for the bee's knees probably emerged because it was so similar in structure and pattern to these other phrases."


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