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  • Emma Dalenberg

11.20.21 - Cold Like Minnesota

365 days of free writing for 30 minutes, Day 7

I feel like people's tolerance for temperature says a lot about their tolerance for basically everything.

Here in Minnesota, it's cold AS HELL, but everyone puts up with the brutal winters.

The majority of folks here just complain to their friends about the chilly madness without ever taking the big step to confront their suffering and do something about it, like buying a warmer coat and winter accessories, or fucking moving.

Continually complaining about an issue to the people who will listen to you while doing nothing to actually make the situation better is some real Minnesotan bullshit.

Hey Julie, just tell Melinda that you're sick of her eating peanuts when you're on a sales call.

Hey Margaret, just tell your husband you know he cheated. Shitting on Marshall at girls' night isn't going to clean his genitals.

Hey Brayden, you say defund the police, it's a great talking point over Bananagrams on a Thursday night, but you didn't even vote or care once it wasn't cool to protest anymore.

And look at me, writing a little workshop post complaining about people I will never confront. I'm Minnesotan as hell.

I want to write about more places but this is my time for the day - maybe I will return to this thought.


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