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  • Emma Dalenberg

11.7.21 - Day 1, The Intention

365 days of free writing for 30 minutes, Day 1

So I'm starting a new project, well, more of a habit, you could say.

I keep telling myself I'm a writer. If I'm a writer, well then god darnit I need to write more. An alligator doesn't just half commit to being an alligat.

That sentence is a prime example of what this is going to be for me. Everyday I am going to sit down for 30 minutes and write all the thoughts that pass through my head, whether they be silly, downright stupid, or like, super insightful bro. I also plan on using this time as a space to develop my stand up comedy, research people, places, and things (aka nouns) that I'm curious about (I think time is also a noun. I'm not sure. I'll research time too to be safe), and work through troubles that get jumbled up in my head.

I am not going to carefully choose my words, make sure I'm being grammatically correct, or go back and "edit for clarity." If I have sources I'll cite them, but you bet your ass it probably won't be in APA format. Hell, I think when my timer goes off I'm just going to stop mid sentence and not even complete my thought. Maybe I will continue the idea tomorrow, maybe I won't, this is Emma's Writing Workshop. There's no rules here.

Now that we have the intentions set, my Macbook Pro's dirty keys are lubed up, and I have overcame my desire to nitpick every word, it's time to get writing.

It's time to get writing.

Come on, it's time to get writing.

Here's the problem.

I have felt a major lack of inspiration lately. I feel like I haven't been observing the world around me. I've been trapped within my own head. Rather than trying to force an idea out of thin air, well not really thin air, rather than trying to force an idea out of my juicy brain, I think during these writings it will be helpful for me to choose something as a starting point. Maybe I'll even include images. blog function, lets you include images and a whole lotta stuff, HELL YEAH. I wonder if they would pay me for advertising. Hear that Wix? At least one Wix employee has to be checking this, right?


Now I will know if they're listening. They'll flag this, right? RIGHT?

Anyways, adding a little visual element to this sounds nice. Today I'm going to choose an image and write a short story about it. Yes, that's a good idea.

Now to find an image. I googled "weird bird." Here we go.

WEIRD BIRD: I wonder if I can eat bananas. Traditionally, birds of my kind have never been able to eat bananas, it's just not in our diet. They're said to be too mushy for a beak as tough as those in our kind.



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