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Visual Storytelling

My experience in storytelling with a focus on visual presentation includes producing and performing stand-up comedy shows internationally, TV screenwriting for KSTP-TV's Twin Cities Live, writing and producing TikToks for Best Buy, animating promotions for small businesses, and I have begun to dip my toes in the path of independent filmmaking. I believe that good writing comes first, but technology brings stories to life by engaging all of our senses. I take advantage of all mediums at my disposal to maximize impact and grow a story to its full potential.

One Morning of Many

At the height of the COVID pandemic, every day began to blend together. Time felt like a meaningless measuring unit. The scenes that make up this short could have occurred in a single morning, one after another, or they could have been spaced out by weeks. 

Self directed and edited. Shot on iPhone.


A high effort pun created for my Typography course. I collected sticks and leaves, assembled letters modeled after the Gill Sans typeface, and created a multi image stop motion story, blowing the letters off the leaves until they 'stick' to the final image.

For course credit at the University of Minnesota. Self directed and edited.

Comedy Posters

As a Stand Up Comic, I began designing the marketing and promotions for shows I produced. Fellow comics liked what I created, so I now design marketing materials on a freelance basis for a large portion of the Minneapolis Stand Up Comedy scene.

Tech Talks

Tech Talks highlight a simple solution to a common technology problem. This Tech Talk was created to bring the idea to life as a series of laid-back educational Best Buy TikToks.

Written by Emma Dalenberg & Sidney Fortunato 

Directed by Emma Dalenberg & Sidney Fortunato 

Produced by David Reade & Michelle Cherland

Edited by Best Buy Creative Production Team

Starring Emma Dalenberg

Twin Cities Road Crew Branded Animations

Twin Cities Road Crew is a small event production business based in Minneapolis. As their 2019 intern, after refreshing their logo and color palette, I also created branded animations to add motion and interest to their social media.

Designed & Animated by Emma Dalenberg

Directed by Ben Thul & Felicia Schaefer

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